Jim Jones forsätter snacka skit


Kommerntarer tagna från hans senaste interview med complex magazine som kommer ut i complex magazines december issue

Om kanye


Jim Jones: Kanye is somebody you can just punch his chest old-school style, cave his chest in and shit like that. Like don’t ever, ever, ever talk about me again in your life! It’s just a joke to me. I’m just having fun. I heard him ranting and raving about my name and shit. How would I look having an issue with Kanye? I’d love to work with him. I need a beat from him. I think that’s why I’m most mad. Matter fact, I’ma fuck you up if you don’t give me a beat! [Laughs.]


om Camrons

Jim Jones:He’s questioning my loyalty? He was questioning himself. At that point in time when I did [appear onstage with 50], I was doing all business. I was doing what was best for Jimmy, what was best for my career. It was in my best interest to do publicity stunts and get hype. He was nowhere to be found, so who is he to be questioning what I was doing? He couldn’t do that from the get-go because I helped start all this. What went on between him and 50 was a mockery—that was niggas making jokes.


vad tycker ni ? borde han snacka skit om Cam, snubben som put him on ?


~ av snacket på november 19, 2008.

2 svar to “Jim Jones forsätter snacka skit”

  1. Personligen så tycker jag inte om Jim Jones överhuvudtaget.
    Så jävla keff rappare han borde bannlysas från hiphop.

  2. håller inte riktigt med dig han är grym


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